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Using the image item Empty Using the image item

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:41 am

Here is how to use an image:
- select menu -> edit ui
- click on blank space where you want to add the image
- select image
- the image item will appear in the interface
- move it by dragging the top left corner
- resize it by dragging the bottom right corner
- edit its options by clicking on it

set id:
Sets the image id string. For example if id is “img” and image format is “auto” and command ending is “\n”, you can display an image by sending “img [len]\n” followed by the image data from microcontroller. [len] must be the size in Bytes of the image data that follows. The “auto” format accepts jpg, png and bmp data.

set label:
Sets the text string to appear under the image.

keep / don't keep ratio:
Sets if the image should keep the original w/h ratio, or should it fill the entire image item.

filter / don't filter:
Sets if the image should be filtered or not when scaled.

set image format:
Sets the image format. Default format is “auto” and accepts jpg, png and bmp data. For raw image format, you can choose “RGB_888(w,h)”, “GRAY_8(w,h)”, “GRAY_4(w,h)”, “GRAY_2(w,h)” or “GRAY_1(w,h)”, where you have to replace w and h with numbers (width and height in pixels). The pixels are scaned from left to right, lines from top to bottom. RGB_888 uses 3 bytes per pixel (the levels for red, green and blue). GRAY_8 uses 1 byte per pixel (has 256 gray levels). GRAY_4 uses 4 bits per pixel (1 byte for 2 pixels) and has 16 gray levels. GRAY_2 uses 2 bits per pixel (1 byte for 4 pixels) and has 4 gray levels. GRAY_1 uses 1 bit per pixel (1 byte for 8 pixels) and has 2 gray levels (0 is full black and 1 is full white)

Import an image from the SD card. The image is stored in the RoboRemo interface. It is recommended to use small images (up to 100KB).

set as background:
All other items will be displayed on top of the image. The image item is locked from editing. You can unlock it from menu → interface → unlock edit all.

Example using image item in RoboRemo:


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