Using the kbd connector item

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Using the kbd connector item Empty Using the kbd connector item

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:44 am

Using the kbd connector item

Here is how to use a kbd connector:
- select menu -> edit ui
- click on blank space where you want to add the kbd connector
- select kbd connector
- the kbd connector will appear in the interface
- move it by dragging the top left corner
- resize it by dragging the bottom right corner
- edit its options by clicking on it

set id:
Set the text string that will be sent, followed by a space character, followed by the input character / text, and the command ending.

set label:
Set the text string that will appear under the kbd. connector. This string will not be sent.

send while typing / send at enter:
Each character will be sent as you type, or the text will be sent when you press enter.
If you send while typing and id is empty string, then only the typed character is sent (no command ending is appended). If the id is not empty, then it will send the id + space character + typed character + command ending.


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