Using the level indicator item

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Using the level indicator item

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:35 am

Here is how to use a level indicator:
- select menu -> edit ui
- click on blank space where you want to add the level indicator
- select level indicator
- the level indicator will appear in the interface
- move it by dragging the top left corner
- resize it by dragging the bottom right corner
- edit its options by clicking on it

set id:
Set the id (text string) for the level indicator. Example: receiving the command "batt 91\n" will set the level indicator that has the id "batt" to the value 91.

set label:
Set the text string that will appear under the level indicator. You can use the level indicator value inside the label. Examples for level indicator with value 100:
label “temp. = #*0.5-10 °C” will show “temp. = 40.0 °C”
label “batt. #*1%” will show “batt. 100%”

set min:
Set the minimum value for level indicator.

set max:
Set the maximum value for level indicator.

set color:
Change the color of level indicator.

Example project:


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