Using the level indicator item

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Using the level indicator item Empty Using the level indicator item

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:35 am

Here is how to use a level indicator:
- select menu -> edit ui
- click on blank space where you want to add the level indicator
- select level indicator
- the level indicator will appear in the interface
- move it by dragging the top left corner
- resize it by dragging the bottom right corner
- edit its options by clicking on it

set id:
Set the id (text string) for the level indicator. Example: receiving the command "batt 91\n" will set the level indicator that has the id "batt" to the value 91.

set label:
Set the text string that will appear under the level indicator. You can use the level indicator value inside the label. Examples for level indicator with value 100:
label “temp. = #*0.5-10 °C” will show “temp. = 40.0 °C”
label “batt. #*1%” will show “batt. 100%”

set min:
Set the minimum value for level indicator.

set max:
Set the maximum value for level indicator.

set color:
Change the color of level indicator.

Example project:


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Using the level indicator item Empty Reading JSON

Post by rljones on Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:59 am

Hi there, I've been playing with RoboRemo to try to make it accept information from an established product that uses JSON encapsulation for data exchange.

It generally works, but it fails to get the first digit of a 2 digit decimal value, and none at all for a single digit!

The problem seems to be that roboremo expects a space after the id, before the value.
When reading a number you could easily skip white space, or just start immediately after the id.
{"TestValue":XY} (where XY = a decimal value)
I use id = {"TestValue":   and have command end = }

When I get a value, it only gets Y as the result, X is always skipped.
Changing the id to {"TestValue" does not help either.

Do you think your parser could be improved to properly accept the value between the id and command end?
Note that JSON does not space things out, the colon is the separator.

Otherwise, a clever app.



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