RoboRemo+mega328; LED doesn' work

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RoboRemo+mega328; LED doesn' work Empty RoboRemo+mega328; LED doesn' work

Post by blonitec on Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:17 pm

I’ve the payed version of the RoboRemo.
now I built a expermintal App with it. The last funktion to implement is the LED-funktion.
It is a major add-on.
But it doesnt work,
The Settings: set ID „ledA“
             on command: „ledA 1\n“
             on timeout: „1000“
             off timeout: „5000“
in the the log-field:
             „ledA 1\n“
I tryed some ohter settings. There is no reaction.
The LED is blinking in a 5sec period.
I trayed it with Android SMPhone and tablet
Please help


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RoboRemo+mega328; LED doesn' work Empty Re: RoboRemo+mega328; LED doesn' work

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:03 pm

For simple led behaviour you don't need the on timeout and off timeout, just leave them empty (disabled)
Also, if you set the on command to "ledA 1\n" (and the id is "ledA"), to turn on the led, the app must receive the string "ledA ledA 1\n\n", but it will stop after first "\n" because (if) that is the command ending, so the led will receive the command "ledA 1" which is not equal to "ledA 1\n", so it will not turn on.
Just set the on command back to "1", then the string "ledA 1\n" should turn on the led.

Here is how you can test it without a microcontroller:
- assuming you already have the led
- add a button
- set press action to "ledA 1"
- set release action to "ledA 0"
- exit editor
- select menu -> connect -> Internet(UDP) -> localhost:9999

Now when you hold the button, the led must turn on, and when you release the button, the led must turn off.

Hope this helps,


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