V-tail mixing - glider project

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V-tail mixing - glider project Empty V-tail mixing - glider project

Post by Slider2732 on Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:38 pm

I've built a small Alula glider and would like to use the App as the R/C transmitter.
The glider looks much like a flying wing and so has 2 control surfaces, at the back of the wings, for both direction and elevator control. i.e. elevons.
While i'm now quite familiar with the App, the mixing of 2 channels doesn't seem to be possible...as in for example both ch0 and ch1 being combined for the aircraft to turn right and climb at the same time.

What i'm doing at the moment is looking at the receiving code, as written by Roboremo for the Arduino IDE, but would much prefer it to be within the App as officially a feature.
In terms of how it would look on the phone screen, it would be an up/down slider for elevator and a horizontal slider for steering. Both would output on ch0 and ch1.
Alternatively, would be to have what looks like an R/C transmitter stick, which moves within a box on the screen.
Is it a niche thing ? probably lol
But, what a servo does when another interacts could be useful in robotics.

This is my elevons code for a related project, which uses an Arduino and nRF24L01 and does work.Hopefully the function variables are named to make sense and see what I mean  sunny

turn = ((received_data[1]*10)); // pot position stored in data[1]
elevator = ((received_data[3]*10)); //pot position stored in data[3]
if (turn <= 1480)  {
elevonLeft.writeMicroseconds(elevator - (1500 - turn));
else if (turn >= 1520) {
elevonRight.writeMicroseconds(elevator + (1500 - turn));
{ elevonLeft.writeMicroseconds((received_data[3]*10));


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V-tail mixing - glider project Empty Re: V-tail mixing - glider project

Post by Admin on Fri May 06, 2016 3:12 pm

Yes, channel mixing is nice, but there are a lot of possibilities and it is hard to predict what a specific user wants, so I prefer to keep the app simple and let the user do the mixing at the remote device.
For joystick-like control, you can use the touchpad item.


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